TAKTOL branded products are only produced by leading manufacturers in Germany and Western Europe.

The first Taktol brand products appeared in 2018.

Our Products

The range of TAKTOL lubricants currently includes:

Motoroils for passenger cars and light vans
Motoroils for Trucks and Mixed fleet
Transmission oils for gearboxes
Automatic transmission oils
Coolants (antifreeze)
Brake fluids
Hydraulic fluids

Our work material

For the TAKTOL production only high-technology machining equipment is used, complete with the most modern systems of automatic control of all processes of mixing of high-quality base oils with the advanced technology additive packages of such world-recognized manufacturers as Lubrizol and Infinium.

Orders and logistics

Production capacities allow to fulfill quickly customer orders for TAKTOL products. We are also open to our customers requests to produce new products in order to meet the individual requirements of different markets both in Europe and abroad.

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