About Us

TAKTOL brand was created by the experts with more than 20 years of experience in the lubricants development and sales.


Our History

TAKTOL brand does not have a century old history because in today’s world it no longer matters much.
TAKTOL was established in Germany in 2017 by an international team of like-minded people from Eastern and Western Europe with more than 20 years of experience in the lubricants business. Our advantage is that we have worked in both the manufacturer and buyer segments, and therefore we understand and evaluate the process from two perspectives: as a seller and as a buyer.
We understand your problems and are prepared to offer a compromise solution.
The world has changed…

Our Mission

TAKTOL is a small company. So far.
We are open to working with any company from anywhere in the world: big or small, it doesn’t matter to us. To each of our customers, we are ready to provide the utmost care to meet their needs.
We offer a wide range of products for passenger cars: both in the premium segment and in the medium-price or budget category. In doing so, we always guarantee that the quality of our products is fully compliant with the advertised specifications. There is no MQQ for most of our products – we are prepared to accept orders from a single box for any of our products. We do not require a sales plan.
We offer: Let’s grow together with TAKTOL!
Let’s grow together!

Our Vision

The future of TAKTOL. What will it be like? Is there anything we can offer for electric cars for example?
Of course, we already have antifreeze (including specifically for electric vehicles) and brake fluids in various classes in our range. There are also plans to expand the product line of spare parts used for both classic and electric-powered cars. And most importantly: we enable each partner to independently and exclusively develop sales in their market and define a development strategy to maximum profits.
We offer: Make good money together with TAKTOL!
We are richer together!



This is the main thing we invest in. We produce products that meet
only the highest car manufacturers requirements.

Honest price.

Buying TAKTOL product you pay only for the quality components from which TAKTOL is created. We do not produce advertising. We produce lubricants

Optimal applicability.

Our products are designed for optimal application in any engine – both for the most modern ones and those designed a few decades ago. You don’t need to pay more for something that doesn’t make sense.


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